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Little Wolf & Moon Luxury Dog Treats


If your a liquorice fiend, you will understand when you peel back the copper seal from one of our hand designed Little Wolf & Moon boxes and catch a delicate waft of aniseed, how these tasty slightly crumbly Biscotti-Jacks, infused with fennel seed, will delight your dogs senses whilst soothing their sensitive digestive system at the same time. The pairing of fennel and organic chicken extract inspired by Italy is definitely a waggy tail combination! Only bought by those who want to seriously spoil their dogs or treat someone else's. 


Our luxury whole food Biscotti-Jacks are hand crafted in Britain for dogs and puppies. Free from harmful artificial additives, preservatives, colourings, flavourings and fillers. Packaged in biodegradable boxes, featuring hand drawn Little Wolf & Moon prints inspired by wax resist techniques on textiles. 


Feeding guidelines:

Feed 2-5 treats a day depending on the size of your dog

Always ensure there's a bowl of fresh water available for your dog. Please don't feed too many treats to your dog to avoid weight gain

Storage guidelines 

Store in air tight container in cool, dry conditions.

Wolfed the lot and wanted more!


Juliet Lancashire/Cally - French Bulldog