Frequently Asked Questions


Q : Where are Little Wolf & Moon dog treats produced?

A: Unlike some bigger manufacturers our dog treats are lovingly created only here in the UK. You can be confident in Little Wolf and Moon Biscotti -Jacks as they are produced in an Kitchen which has been inspected by a vet and approved as being of the highest standard to produce our luxury dog treats. You can find our Approval number on the back of all our boxes.  

Q: How do I know the dog treats I'm buying are safe for my dog?

A: Sahara Gibson, who creates Little Wolf & Moon Biscotti - Jacks (dog treats) is a qualified pastry chef who works to accredited Food Safety standards. All our treats are regularly tested in a Veterinary laboratory for complete nutritional analysis to comply with animal Food Safety standards. Please see our ingredients page for additional information relating to the composition of Little Wolf and Moon dog treats.

Q: Do Little Wolf & Moon dog treats contain artificial additives, colouring or flavours?

A: We prefer our treats to be completely natural and free from additives or synthetic ingredients that might upset the delicate balance of your dogs digestive system.

Q: Are your dog treats/biscuits dairy free?

A: Although we know dogs love cheese, we also know that some dogs struggle with consuming dairy, so we decided to create a Biscotti-Jack cheesy treat, that was easier to digest than regular cheese, you can find our lovely Parmesan & Caraway flavour here. If you would prefer to buy a dairy free treat for your dog, you can buy three popular dairy free flavours (Ginger & Turmeric, Fennel & Chicken and Treacle & Camomile) as tested by our panel of friendly expert dogs here in the UK.

Q: Are your dog treats/biscuits gluten free?

A: We are aware that some dogs can struggle with gluten sensitivity leading to poor digestion and sore itchy skin. Which is why we decided to create our own unique blend of ingredients that are completely gluten free and offer a delicious alternative to regular dog treats & biscuits. 

Q: Why do you use botanicals in your range of Little Wolf & Moon Biscotti-Jacks?

A:  Much of the Little Wolf & Moons flavour creation and baking process is linked to working in harmony with nature by utilising pungent natural botanicals, that dogs would naturally enjoy sniffing out, catching there enticing aroma's on the breeze during early morning walks. Many of our botanicals are hand picked to work to support the balance of your dogs digestive system, which underpins their well being. Little Wolf & Moon aims to delight your dogs senses as well as soothe them depending on their current mood and temperament.

Q:Do any of your Biscotti - Jack flavours help reduce travel sickness for dogs?

A: Our Ginger & Turmeric  Biscotti-Jacks are really popular with dogs as well as combining botanicals that may help alleviate nausea and improve digestion.

Q: Why the name Little Wolf & Moon?

A : Please read our About Little Wolf & Moon page which gives the fullest explanation.

Q: What type of packaging do you use?

A: We decided we wanted to avoid using plastic pouches for our dog treats, which has created a bit more work for us. But we think it's worth it. We chose compostable boxes from a UK based Eco- friendly packaging company, paired with heat sealed bags, which first degrade and then biodegrade when disposed of. Our front and back box labels are printed locally and use natural inks.

Q: Occasionally my dog gets stressed if I'm going away or scared, particularly on Bonfire Night or New Years eve when there are lots of fireworks going off or in unfamiliar places. Is there a dog treat that could help with these type of issues?

A: For these type of issues we would recommend trying  our soothing Treacle &

Camomile Biscotti-Jacks. These may help relax your dog and reduce their anxiety, and they are also a nice relaxing bedtime treat. 

fresh camomile flowers_edited_edited.jpg

 A 1/4 Tail Of Ginger & Turmeric               Biscotti - Jacks