About Little Wolf & Moon           Biscotti-Jack Dog Treats 

How Little Wolf & Moon Biscotti-Jacks Came To Be

The back story...


When Lightning Strikes  

 Little Wolf and Moon Biscotti–Jacks are the product of a chance encounter with a perfectly crunchy piece of biscotti, washed up onto the shoreline of a tiny seaside café counter top, in Sheringham whilst on the perfect Seaside holiday in the UK. Struggling with gluten in baked products like many people now do, the challenge initially was to create a gluten free version, that was as lovely as our holiday memory. After achieving the perfect crunch and consistency for a gluten free version, it seemed only fair to try to create a mini sized version as an alternative tasty treat for our doggy friends whilst incorporating some delicious healthy flavours.


Recipe Development 

After months and months of recipe development, followed by testing my artisan doggy biscotti on a good mix of twenty five picky and keen dogs. Young, old and those, just newly arrived into the world, across Lancashire and the Lake District I felt I had some understanding of what type of flavours dogs and puppies might enjoy.



 Cookie Cutter Free Kitchen 

 The first three flavours were created, drawing inspiration from botanical's and ingredients from Nepal, Italy and Britain, using labor intensive hand shaping methods, strictly no cookie cutter cut-outs here! I wanted to use ingredients that would be soothing to the delicate digestive system of dogs, whilst using flavours that would delight their senses and their taste buds.

 Fairy Dogmother Impressed Much  

After winning over a talented Animal Behaviourist (from Windermere in the Lake District), who witnessed the enthusiastic response to my Ginger & Turmeric and Camomile & Treacle flavour luxury dog treats, from her large ever evolving family of dogs, I knew I was on the right track; I dubbed her the fairy dogmother! 

All About the Mix 

Apart from the classic Biscotti shape that was re-worked into little Briolette’s of fragrant Biscotti, small enough to fit in the mouths of smaller dog breeds and puppies, the texture had to be right too. After many more rainy afternoons playing with the Biscotti mix I created the perfect minature Biscotti and Little Wolf & Moon Biscotti–Jacks were born. All the lovely dense texture of an Italian Biscotti but without being heavy and with a slightly softer bite to it, as well as being easier to break in half.


The Little Dog Who Thinks he is a Wolf

Little Wolf, the chalk white dog that features on all our hand designed sumptuous prints, with a tail shaped like the leaf of an oak tree blowing in the breeze, really believes he is much bigger than he is and howls at the moon at night, just to make it clear to the rest of us he is!


Should you toss a couple of Fennel & Chicken Biscotti- Jacks in his direction, he will turn in a flash, his nose quivering with longing before diving headlong at his find.


Little Wolf will  snaffle them in two satisfying crunchy bites, nearly knocking over any humans in his path with his eager tail, before sprawling lazily on the moonlit terracotta tiles in the kitchen with his chin resting on the toe of his favorite wellington boot still speckled with blades of fresh wet grass.                    

dog image 5.png

What Nice People Say About Little Wolf

& Moon Biscotti-Jacks

dog image 1.png

"All the dogs love the Biscotti-Jacks! The camomile ones are amazing! Didn’t think the ginger flavour would be a hit but it was!" 

(Laura, Animal Behaviourist- Cumbria)