Little Wolf & Moon Values

IMportant To Us...

We are flavour magpies, carrying on to our kitchen table only the brightest natural flavours and ingredients, lovingly and responsibly sourced to work in harmony with your dogs sensitive digestive system.


We create gluten free dog treats that are made in small batches in Britain.

 We use labour intensive artisan practices in the crafting and packaging of our Biscotti-Jacks.

We want our wholefood Biscotti-Jacks to soothe and delight your dog's senses with our tummy tickling flavours.


We like to think that putting a dog treat in your coat pocket will leave it smelling of wild hedgerows. 


We are committed to using biodegradable packaging where we can. 


Lastly we celebrate that the little things really matter with the help of Little wolf.

spices on spoon
Gluten Free

Fennel & Chicken

Parmesan & Caraway

Treacle & Camomile

"All the dogs love the treats! The camomile ones are amazing! Didn’t think the ginger flavour would be a hit but it was!" 

(Laura, Animal Behaviourist - Cumbria)