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Parmesan & Caraway Luxury Dog Treats

We have nicknamed these Waggy Tail treats! Dogs love a bit of cheese, we have used Parmesan loved by the Italians for its strong flavour but low fat content. Parmesan is very low in lactose and therefore kinder to the digestive system. Paired with fragrant needles of caraway seeds they transform our trademark gluten free Biscotti-Jacks into a toothsome doggy treat. 

Our luxury wholefood Biscotti-Jacks are hand crafted in Britain for dogs and puppies. Free from any harmful flavourings, additives, colourings, preservatives and fillers. Packaged in hand drawn biodegradable boxes, featuring bespoke Little Wolf & Moon prints inspired by wax resist techniques on textiles.   

Feeding guidelines:

Feed two-five dog treats a day depending on the size of your dog


Always ensure there's a bowl of fresh water available for your dog. Please don't feed too many treats to your dog to avoid weight gain.

Storage Guidelines

Store in air tight container in cool, dry conditions.

The treats went down a storm. I don't think they have ever liked any others as much so you are obviously doing something right!


Laura, Animal Behaviourist - Cumbria

Luxury box of Little Wolf and Moon, Parmesan and Caraway Biscotti - Jacks

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