How Little Wolf & Moon Biscotti-Jacks Came To Be   



 Half A TAIL ....

 When little wolf was born he learnt from his dogmother, that treats were measured very sensibly in tail amounts. We thought it might be helpful for other dogs and puppies to know this too.


So if you see a quarter tail mentioned here at Little Wolf & Moon that = one box of our lovely Biscotti - Jack treats, a half tail = two boxes, and a full tail = three boxes of our delicious doggy biscotto and reason for a full fan fare of tail wagging!


When Little Wolf was very SMALL he developed a very odd habit, he would find coins in the house and hide them in the crevices of his big bed and then lick them repeatedly till his tongue went orange and rusty, obviously his dogmother was worried by this behaviour. So after Little Wolf came to learn the words penny lick, during his dogmother's attempts to remove the coins from his bedding. She encouraged Little Wolf to let go of them in exchange for the edible currency of a Biscotti-Jack which she nicknamed a Penny Lick! Her words worked and Little Wolf still thinks of his BIscotti-Jacks as Penny Licks, which he  lick/likes many times to get the full flavour before crunching down on his first bite!