Little Wolf & Moon Luxury Dog Treats 

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There is nothing more beautiful than fresh Camomile flower heads with their bright yellow, fuzzy pom pom centres poking out of a halo of soft white silky petals. Beauty aside, the dried heads are said to have a lovely soothing effect. We have combined these natural botanical buttons with gluten free oats which are thought to have a calming effect on the nervous system and a small amount of natural sweetness from British treacle. Simply the sweetest way to wish your dog goodnight. 

Our luxury wholefood Biscotti-Jacks are hand crafted in Britain for dogs and puppies. Free from artificial flavourings, additives, preservatives, colourings and fillers. Packaged in hand drawn biodegradable boxes, they feature bespoke Little Wolf & Moon prints inspired by wax resist techniques on textiles.   

Feeding guidelines:

Feed two-five dog treats a day depending on the size of your dog


Always ensure there's a bowl of fresh water available for your dog. Please don't feed too many treats to your dog or puppy to avoid weight gain.

Storage Guidelines

Store in air tight container in cool, dry conditions.

Monty liked all the biscuits especially ginger. The camomile ones were good for making him calm and sleepy in the evening. You should make them for insomniac humans.

  Charlotte Windermere/Monty - Schnauzer

Luxury box of Little Wolf and Moon, Treacle and Camomile Biscotti - Jacks